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Behind the Scenes

Film, Television & Theater Masterclass

Now Accepting Applications

for Summer & Fall Sessions

Discover how you and your unique skills can build/create a career in the entertainment business

Our flagship Film, TV, & Theatre Production program — led by a Tony and Emmy Award-winning Producer — introduces students to the creative and technical aspects of production (starting with the “3-P’s”: Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production) that can lead to careers in the entertainment business. 

Ideal for: Future EGOTs (future trophy holders for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Awards) including future Producers, Casting Directors, Location Scouts, Sound Designers, Prop Masters, Budget Supervisors, Directors, Cinematographers and more! Students that are Great Organizers, Visual Artists, Managers, Builders, etc… 

How are we different from other programs? 

Behind the Scenes programming was conceived and developed by award-winning entertainment professionals actively working in the field within premier platforms. We go far beyond the surface level in implementing professional creative processes to introduce technical aspects of production to participants. Students feel part of a team, exploring genuine, rewarding career possibilities in a notoriously competitive industry.

Benefits of Behind the Scenes 

1. Learn industry complexities. Students learn about and explore the innumerable roles and skills needed to create award-winning productions. 

2. Creative muscle. Technical skills are half the equation; students will have opportunities to take imaginative risks and appreciate the arts through a new lens. 

3. Project management. Students will develop skills necessary to envision, implement, and execute complex projects, with leadership takeaways that apply to any future career.

4. Connections. Meet new friends in a safe and supportive environment with shared goals, 

creating the possibility for more satisfying social engagement and confidence development. 

5. Career exploration. The entertainment industry offers a vast array of professional, profitable career opportunities — far beyond on-camera talent. Students learn about career possibilities from successful industry leaders.


Research-driven programming


In 2019, researchers at the Brookings Institute in Washington, D.C. found that arts education has “remarkable impacts on students’ academic, social, and emotional outcomes.” Further, they found that “arts learning positively and significantly affects students’ school engagement, college aspirations, and...empathizing with others.”


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