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Are you ready for your tickets to the show? 

How it works: 

  • Click the link and we'll send more information. 

  • All classes are online and customized depending on the students. 

  • Each class I will lead you through different aspect of the entertainment industry and where your talents may fit. 

  • At the end of the course, you'll have met with industry professionals and be well-versed about a career in the Film, TV and Theatre industry.

A Little About Me...


As a Tony and Emmy Award winner, I have had the great fortune to work on some remarkable projects. 


On Broadway, I was a producer on Spring Awakening, American Idiot, Rock of Ages, Legally Blonde, Superior Donuts, Chita Rivera: The Dancer’s Life and the Off-Broadway hit, I Love You Because and am the Lead Producer of the musical Beaches, based on Iris Rainer Dart’s best-selling novel, which became a blockbuster film. 

As a producer of As the World Turns from 1999 to 2006, we produced 1,700 hours of television.  Our producing team won the 2001 and 2003 Emmy Awards for Best Drama Series. I also produced and co-wrote the film See You in September directed by Tamara Tunie, starring Justin Kirk, Sandra Bernhard and Whoopi Goldberg. 

In my career I always look for ways to incorporate working in entertainment with working with young people.  From directing and producing an anti-bullying video, featuring middle school and high school students, which was a featured story on ABC’s 20/20 to mentoring interns and young artists to currently directing and producing a documentary film, Class Dismissed 2020, which follows six remarkable 2020 high school seniors from the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown throughout their journey through college.

The Behind the Scenes program is a result of my deep love and dedication to projects that enrich students of all ages.

Come Join Us "Behind the Scenes"!

With Behind the Scenes, your child will learn about the different careers they can pursue in the entertainment industry without being in front of the camera.   Your son or daughter will learn what to study in school and the hundreds of ways they can build a career.  

Your child deserves meaningful opportunities to reach their fullest potential - we will empower them with a world of options.

Inside our flagship film, television, & theatre production program your child will learn the creative and technical aspects of production: 


  • Pre-Production

  • Production

  • Post-Production

  • The opportunity to meet at least three industry leaders

After your child completes Behind the Scenes they will have:


  1. Learned industry complexities. Students learn about and explore the innumerable roles and skills needed to create award-winning productions.

  2. Creative muscle. Technical skills are half the equation; students will have opportunities to take imaginative risks and appreciate the arts through a new lens.

  3. Project management. Students will develop skills necessary to envision, implement, and execute complex projects, with leadership takeaways that apply to any future career.

  4. Connections. Meet new friends in a safe and supportive environment with shared goals, creating the possibility for more satisfying social engagement and confidence development.

  5. Career exploration. The entertainment industry offers a vast array of professional, profitable career opportunities — far beyond on-camera talent. Students learn about career possibilities from successful industry leaders.

Join me to learn more. 

"Interning with Jennifer was life-changing for me, both personally and professionally. I had a few other internships in the entertainment industry prior to my time with Jennifer, and none of those bosses truly ever let me 'in'. There was always a separation between myself and the rest of the team, and I spent most of my time doing coffee runs. When I began interning for Jennifer, it was a complete change of pace.


I finally found a true mentor. She would invite me to sit in on all of her meetings, which we would prepare for together and debrief afterwards. Jennifer told me the who, what, when and whys of every meeting she had so I could fully understand the scope of each project.


Not only did she let me in on all of her industry knowledge, she taught me professional etiquette as well. Jennifer trained me so I could excel in my career in so many ways. Not only did she guide me through the beginning of my professional life, but she trusted me with the tasks given to me, creating a confidence in myself that I am forever grateful for. I feel honored that I got to learn from Jennifer so early on in my professional life, she has truly helped shape the woman that I am today."  


Alyssa, Former Student turned Intern

turned Record Label A&R Manager

Ready to Pull Back the Curtain on the Entertainment Business?



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Behind the Scenes

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