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World Bridge Cultural Exchange Program

Fostering Global Citizenship by nurturing international student relationships


Our flagship international program allows students a classic Travel Abroad experience, but in a virtual format that enables cultural enrichment and adventurous experiences that are affordable and accessible for all students.


Ideal for: Future diplomats and anthropologists, international non-profit CEO’s, kids with an eye on a Fulbright someday! We also recommend World Bridge Cambodia for students who simply want to experience the joy of meeting friends and celebrating different cultures.


The WorldBridge goal is to foster Global Citizenship by nurturing international relationships between students.

A Global citizen transcends geography or borders and connects to others in a way that champions cultural exchange, learning, relationships and empathy.

How are we different from other programs?

WorldBridge Cultural Exchange Program makes it possible for all children to experience some of the magic of international connection. Our experts have deep personal knowledge of the countries and cultures explored, creating authentic and culturally sensitive experiences for students to create lasting memories. Carefully curated technologies facilitate safe, meaningful interaction. Students have the ability to customize their program to support desired outcomes.


Each Session Includes

  • Thematic lessons that dive deep into cultural topics that are interesting to students.

  • Small group discussions focusing on how the students are similar and different.

  • One-on-One guided explorations where each pair of students get to really forge a relationship.

  • Interactive games and platforms.


Upon Completion the Student

  • Receives a Certificate of International Relations as a Student Ambassador by the Cambodian Ministry of Education.

  • Has a rich and empathetic understanding of Cambodian life from the perspective of a Cambodian student. 

  • Creates a Virtual International Portfolio that can be used for future college prospects and careers.


Research-driven Programming

Research from the National Survey of Student Engagement determines that “students who study abroad report greater gains in intellectual and personal development than their peers who do not have such an experience.”

Benefits of WorldBridge Cultural Exchange Program

  1. True cultural understanding. We create student opportunities to create lifelong friendships and international connections.

  2. Balanced academic structure. Students can acquire foundational knowledge while also allowing room for exploring.

  3. Global project management experience. Participants design, manage, and execute international projects to create lasting positive impact in the communities they visit.

  4. Resilience and adaptability. Travel and cultural exploration creates opportunities for students to step outside their comfort zone and learn to practice responsible independence.

  5. Competitive edge. International travel and experience can help students develop fuller, more engaging resumes before college begins.

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