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About Us

When NASA scientists launched Voyager 1 and 2 back in 1977, it was a monumental team effort under intense time pressure. In an attempt to study Jupiter and Saturn, thousands worked together in a matter of months to take advantage of a rare four-planet alignment that only occurs once every 175 years. This extraordinary collaboration would ultimately result in one of the greatest scientific achievements in the history of space exploration.


Though primitive by today’s standards, each satellite had exactly what it needed to complete the initial surveys of Jupiter and Saturn. Then, scientists realized they could use the basic laws of physics to expand the missions’ reach even further. Using a “gravity assist”, the Voyager probes used each aligned planet’s gravitational pull as a slingshot to Uranus and Neptune - and then beyond even the edges of the solar system.


We are all on our own paths toward a vast unknown. We go through life unaware of how small decisions will culminate in one complete life story. In the end, we hit the edges of our own sense of what is possible and break through to our own personal interstellar voyage. Given all the challenges we face, there is only one sure path to success: the help of others. With the right team, approaches, and tools, each of us can experience that slingshot toward a limitless future.


Gravity Assist is the support system to help you reach those faraway goals, to guide you through the high points and rough patches, to push you when you need that extra burst of energy - then cheer you on as you fly into orbit.

{Images used Courtesy of NASA}

Our All Star Team

Jay Mitsch

Chris Layman

Alvaro Luken

Karmen Wong

Dise Taylor

Patrick Dyer

Brittany-Rose Tribulski



Suzanne Corkins

Harley Shine

We ask “Why?” even when a student’s answer is correct, helping them think critically and learn from every experience.

Students, parents, tutors, and Gravity Assist leadership speak and collaborate outside tutoring hours to foster student progress.

Our tutors strive to develop the whole student, helping them learn to plan ahead, look at the bigger picture, and improve their subject-matter knowledge.

All our tutors complete a standardized summary after every session, keeping the company’s leadership in the loop for every student.

Our tutors and leadership are constantly in touch, sharing best practices, encouragement, and creative ideas. Every student has our whole team rooting for them!

In addition to subject-matter tutoring, we offer afterschool enrichment, small-group sessions, club activities, virtual leadership classes, and more.

Why Gravity Assist?

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