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Mr. Layman's Homeschool History

Small Group Middle School Social Studies Supplement Class that's Aligned to CA State Standards.


All Aboard! 

Mr. Layman is piloting the

Homeschool History Time Machine!


Taught by a true history buff, Chris Layman's Supplemental Middle School Social Studies classes is where true connection and learning occur. His 6th, 7th and 8th grades classes are closely aligned to the CA middle school Social Studies curriculums and standards that students need to know to prepare for their future classes. Mr. Layman's 2H (Homeschool History) classes are taught in a comfortable, small-group, interactive yet rigorous setting. His classes are a great transition to more structured and rigorous high school classes. His laid back yet thorough approach is perfect for those students looking for the extra edge. 

Ideal for: Motivated students, future historians, sociologists, detectives and students who love different cultures! We also recommend Mr Layman's 2H for students who simply want more from their regular social studies class.

Mr. Layman's goal is to foster true learning in social studies and history and preparing the student for their future by creating a positive yet impactful learning environment. 

How is this different from other programs?

Mr. Layman's 2H makes it possible for students to experience quality history lessons from a real life History Buff and expert teacher. He brings deep holistic knowledge of the middle school history curriculum and tailors his lessons to the interests of the small group creating authentic learning experiences for students to create lasting learning habits. Small group instruction allows for Mr. Mr. Layman to make a very interactive lesson keeping the student focused and learning enjoyable. Students have the ability to customize their program to support desired outcomes.


Each Session Includes

  • Thematic lessons taught by an expert teacher that are drawn from the CA State Middle School Social Studies Standards. 

  • Small group discussions focusing on what the student actually needs

  • An introduction to the structured class setting that they'll most likely participate in high school. 

Upon Completion the Student

  • Students will have a strong foundation of their knowledge for their Social Studies Curriculum. 

  • Students will be stronger critical thinkers. 

Research-driven Programming

"Students who have the opportunity to take advantage of this additional education not only gain academic strengths, but they also typically discover or develop personal qualities that were previously unknown."

Benefits of My Layman's Homeschool History

  1. Expert Instruction. My Layman has been an award winning middle school history for the last 15+ years and values true connection to the student and information. He know the curriculum inside and out. 

  2. State Standard Aligned Lessons. Mr. Layman's courses are completely aligned to the CA Middle School Social Studies standards. Students are learning what they are required to learn in a very meaningful environment.

  3. Less Stress Learning. Students can learn in a relaxed, comfortable yet rigorous and structured class. You can pet your dog while learning about the Viking Age and engage in meaningful discussion. 

  4. No Memorization. Emphasis on learning the impactful methods rather than rote memorization allows the student to build a strong foundation for their future education.

  5. Small Group Setting. Like-minded & motivated students can be themselves and feel comfortable learning the way they need. 

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